24 Jan

Success & Luck

SUCCESS The Word For Which Everyone Strives. Today Let Us Understand A Small Part Of How Success Is Actually Built. Many Times We Say Successful People Are Just lucky And That May Be True To Some Extent. But Let Us See What Dale Carnegie Has To Say About Luck. He Defines luck As The Meeting Point Of Your Alertness With Opportunities Passing By. Here's A Little Story That Demonstrates This.

Once Upon A Time In Delhi There Lived A Talented And Hardworking Carpenter Who Used To Build Beautiful Houses. All His Life He Worked Very Loyal For His Master. One Day, He Went To His Master And Said, “Master I Have Been Working For You For More Than 25 Years. Now I Want To Retire. Please Permit Me To Retire From Tomorrow.

The Master Thought For A Second And Said, “I Am Very Happy And Grateful To You For Working For Me For So Long But I Have One Final Request. Build One More House For Me And Then You May Retire.”

The Carpenter Didn't Like His Request But He Did Not Turn Down The Master. He Went Ahead And Built The House. But His Heart Was Not In His Work. Normally, He Took A Few Months To Build A House. This Time He Took Almost A Year. When He Finally Finished He Went To His Master And Said, “Master As You Ordered, I Have Built The House. Please Come And Have A Look, Inspect The House And Give Me Permission To Retire.”

The Master Came And Had Looked At The House, The Most Ordinary Piece Of Work That The Carpenter Had Ever Done In His Entire Career. As The Master Walked Out Of The House, He Locked The Main Door And Gave The Key To The Carpenter.

The Carpenter Was Surprised, “Why Are You Giving Me This Key?”

The Master Said, “My Dear Man, You Have Worked For Me Sincerely And Loyally. I Made Much Profit From The Work You Did For Me. When You Said That You Wanted To Retire, I Thought Of Gifting You The Last House You Built. This Is Your House. Take It.

But It Was Not To Be, Simply Because The Carpenter Had Not Put His Heart And Soul Into His Work.

In Our Life Too, We Face Such Situations And Often Treat Our Work With Attitude: “What’s In It For Me?” In The Process, We Miss A Wonderful Opportunity That Comes Our Way. To Become Successful, one Needs To Be Awake And Alert And Make The Most Of The Opportunity That Could Come Along At Any Time. Improving Yourself And Continually Developing Your Skill Is One Shot Fire Way Of Making The Most Of Your Time.

By Ms.Humera Shaikh