24 Jan


Whether You Are Rich Or Poor, Educated Or Uneducated, Student Or Businessman Confidence Is Important For Each And Every One. No One Is Born With Confidence. If You Find Confident People Around You They Would Have Spent Days In Building It And Practiced To Enhance Their Self Esteem.

If You Lack Confidence Don’t Worry Here Are A Few Simple Ways That Will Help You Build Confidence.

Be Calm. Don’t Speak Fast. Have clarity In Your Words And Thoughts. Make eye Contact And Have A smile On Your Face. People Get Easily Connected To A Smiling Face And Feel Good When You Have Proper Eye Contact.

Dress Better. It Doesn’t Mean To Dress Expensive, Uncomfortable Or Attractive. But Wearing A Clean, Ironed And Comfortable Dress Will Make You Feel Confident.

Start Respecting Yourself. If You Don’t Respect Yourself No One Else Will Do. You Are Special And Unique In Your Own Way. Don’t Let Others Disrespect You For Who You Are. Self Confidence Is The Most Attractive Quality A Person Can Have. How Can Anyone See How Great You Are If You Can’t See It Yourself?

Get Better On At Least One Thing. Everyone Can’t Be Good At Everything But Everyone Is Good At Something. Some Are Good At Studies, Some At Sports, And Some At Art. Everyone Has Their Own Special Quality. Never Believe When Someone Tells You That "you Are Good For Nothing". These Are Some Of The Worst Words That Can Be Said To Anyone.

Self Confidence And Preparation Are Directly Related. Prepare In Advance Before Going To Any Critical Situation. Maybe A Drama, Presentation Or An Interview. The More Prepared You Are, The More Confidence You Build And The Better You Perform.

Don’t Be Afraid To Commit Mistakes. No One Is Born Perfect In The World. Mistakes Are A Part Of Life. Do Mistakes And Learn From Them, But Don’t Try To Do The Same Mistake Again. Everyone Has Their Own Flaws. You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Being Judged By People. People Will Judge You, Break You, Shake You, Put To Down But How Strong You Stand Is What Makes You. If You Have The Fear Of Failure You Will Miss More Opportunities. Get Rid Of The Fear Of What Others Will Think? People Don’t Think About You As Much As You Think, They Are Too Busy Thinking About What Other People Think About Them.

Stop Comparing Yourself With Others. Everyone Has Their Own Life And Their Own Struggles. In The Race Of Being Better Than Others, You Lose Your Own Self. When You Compare Yourself With Others You Normally Tend To Compare Your Misfits With Others Awesomeness. If You Want To Compare Yourself Then compare It With Your Own Past.

By Ms.Humera Shaikh